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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life's a Vacation - Enjoy the Ride = ROCKIN 2013

If you're like me: you are an amazing juggler! That is, you've learned to juggle everything on your plate and have some super fun along the way.  However, as you may be aware this blog has fallen to the bottom of the priority list and I'm having a lot of Mommy-guilt about not updating it. This blog is my memory book and time-lapses equate to less memories to reflect upon one day, so this is a catch-up post of all the fun things and pictures I didn't post in 2013.

Let's start with pre-school graduation and the start of kindergarten. We said good-bye to all our friends at the Spotted Zebra and hello to our new team and friends at our local elementary school. Nathan is in a regular classroom with an aide, which has been a huge blessing to our family and he loves school.  We had some initial summer hiccups with the Special Education Administrators, as I've blogged about before, but it worked itself out and it's been smooth sailing since.  Nathan's new kindergarten teacher is AMAZING and his new team of therapists and his aide have really supported and helped him so far this year, and he is making tremendous progress!  

Goodbye Preschool
chalk board-crayon frame Nathan made for his preschool class

 Hello Kindergarten!

Celebrating Nathan's first day of school at Prime
 Nathan participated in his first run ~ The Apple Run - at school.  He originally had difficulty running the race with all the kids, but this amazing 5th grader, helped him and he began to run like the wind while being cheered on by the whole school!!! Love this kid!!

Nathan, his cousin and Aunt Niki at the Apple Race
Nathan's Kindergarten Picture - LOVE!


This summer we were able to go on a few fun summer adventures with Nathan's Aunt Charly!  We had a really fun time at the Saratoga Race Track and the Bronx Zoo.  We can't wait to go back and hope we can in 2014.   Nathan just loves animals, especially the monkeys.

This camel's name is Jonah, which is the name of Nathan's favorite Veggie Tale movie.

Super sweet picture

There was a Dinosaur Safari temporarily at the Zoo.  Nathan loved it!  I thought he'd freak out, but he didn't.


Nathan and I also spent a day at the Mystic Connecticut aquarium.  This has been on my summer-to-do-list for a few years, so we decided this was the year, we were going to check it out.  Of all the mini adventures we've gone on, this wasn't my favorite and I thought the aquarium was very small and not worth the 5 hour round trip drive, but we had fun and Nathan loved it! 

We took a boat ride through the harbor, which was nice. 

Love this picture because it looks like the whale is kissing Nathan!

As you might suspect, we had lots of other summer fun, which always includes camping with friends and hanging with family at Aunt Sandy's pool!  Here are few random summer pictures:

Nathan and Aunt Domenica

Nathan and Mommy kayaking on the lake.

Nathan, Aunt Charly and some of Grammy

Nathan loved the go carts.  We'll be spending some more time here in 2014

Nathan's not in love with fishing yet, but he will be one day.

Nathan and his bff Alex.  This what they do after fishing for 5 minutes!

Nathan and his other bff, Nicholas.  These boys are like his brothers and we are beyond blessed to have them in our lives

Nathan did not want to get off the motorcycle!  He would have stayed on all day.

Fall always brings with it some super fun traditions, like picking apples, going to the Adirondack Balloon Festival, participating in the Color Me RAD Special Olympics event and Halloween!  And, if you know our family, you know we get-in-to Halloween!
The Special Olympics is an organization close to our hearts, and this is a very fun run/walk because you get to throw and be hit with LOADS of colored cornstarch! You look like a big rainbow when you're finished with this event. I wasn't sure how Nathan was going to handle it, but he loved it and totally got into throwing the colored cornstarch - as did his cousin!

Lots of dancing at the finish line!  Thanks, April for grooving with our little man!

Apple picking or apple eating as Nathan and Daddy do, is always fun this time of year! 

Another Fall must-do-event is the balloon festival.  The older Nathan gets the more he enjoys these activities and this year, he loved the massive character balloons!  It was windy, so we weren't able to see many of them lift off, but they did blow them up for the kids to see.   

2013 was the year of Yogi Bear, ever since we camped at Jellystone in Western New York, so it was fitting that Nathan dressed as Yogi for Halloween!  Last year, he loved Thomas, so I made him a Thomas the Train costume and he hated it, so I was hoping for a different reaction and boy, we sure got it!  He loved dressing like Yogi Bear - he thought it was the coolest! 

Nonnie, Grammy, Daddy and Yogi at school for the Halloween parade

two little pumpkins

Thanksgiving always brings with it the recognition and reflection of our blessings and the desire to help those who need it most.  This year, we welcomed my niece and she and Nathan had a wonderful time knocking on doors for Equinox and delivering meals to those who needed them this year.  

At one of our assigned doors, a man who appeared to be alone was moved to tears when he saw the children there. He could only say, thank you.  It was so beautiful.
 At another door, we were left this note. 

We were the recipients of the blessings this Thanksgiving, and I hope these little ones always come with me.  

The Christmas Season always begins with finding our family tree at Candy Cane farms in Gansevoort, NY.  The farm has some of the best trees and carries my personal favorite - the white pine tree. You won't find these trees anywhere else close to home.
 Do you love Christmas cards?  Well, I sure do! But, what I love most are the cards that have family pictures and the really funny or creative cards.  My cousins usually do a super creative card each year, and my friend Corrie is usually good for a funny and creative card.  This year, I decided to do the below for our card and it was no easy task.  Just finding an ornament that would reflect our image was a challenge and getting Nathan to hold it just right took some time, but it came out so AWESOME and was worth the effort! 

It took a lot of string-pulling, but we managed to get Santa to stop by for a quick visit during one of our family Christmas parties!  The elves can be really difficult this time of year,  because Santa is so busy, but we promised the head elf a trip to Disney World in 2014, so he fit us in!  And, as you probably suspect, the kids went crazy went he walked through the door with all those presents! 

BTW, we had an ugly sweater contest, which is why we're dressed like this!  In fact, Danny won first prize!!

 Santa read Twas the Night Before Christmas to the kids.

 Group shot of Nathan's cousins! 

2013 rocked and we beyond excited to see what 2014 will bring!!!  We have some things percolating and truly pray God blesses us with the one gift we truly want for Christmas in 2014. Stay tuned.... 

We hope you have a blessed year and enjoy your ride - wherever life takes you.