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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

29 Days and Counting......What's in a Birthday

I have spent a good deal of time thinking about how Nathan's birthday will affect him for the rest of his life. For those of you born around Christmas you may be the only ones that can relate to this -- most Christmas time children rarely get parties or have a special day all to themselves. Nathan is fortunate that his mommy too is a Christmas baby because I'll make sure that he has the same opportunity to celebrate his big day just like every other child. And, how do we know Nathan will be a Christmas baby? Well, there was a major development at the Dr.'s office yesterday - Nathan's arrival is scheduled for December 27th!!!!!!! Unless, he comes earlier on his own. If we stick to the schedule and Nathan is born on the 27th, Danny and I will celebrate his birthday each year after Christmas!!!

We go back to the doctor again Thursday and then to the specialist on Monday. It's probably a good thing I'm home because we are now going to the doctor three times per week.


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