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Monday, November 5, 2007

31 WEEKS AND COUNTING - Specialist Appointment This Morning

Danny and I visited our specialist this morning and only received good news for once!!!!! The baby is now in the 15th percentile (up from 6th and then 10th)!!!! We could not be more pleased!! He now weighs 3.5 pounds! His face is really starting to fill out and he is getting chubby cheeks!

The doctor said "whatever your doing - keep doing it!" I told her that I am doing - "nothing"! hahahaha and it seems to be working. I guess leaving the gym was a step in the right direction for our son.

We received three new pictures the morning too and one of them Nathan looks like he is praying! It's so cute - Danny and I were joking that he is praying "God please let me out of here!" :-) At least that's what we'd be praying for!

I go this afternoon to see our regular doctor for our weekly non stress test and check-up. I plan on confirming their plans for Nathan's arrival date and what he thinks about the progress so far.

I will blog again in the next day or two to give you that information and to tell you all about our awesome baby shower!!!! I'd like to post a few pictures so I'll need to get them from my sister first.

PS - We are buying a really lovely glider that matches Nathan's crib and dresser -- I've already picked it out! Thank you for your input.

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