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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby Language

This week I was introduced to a woman (on the television of course) that claims to be able to understand infant baby language.

Although, not really a language she claims that there are 5 discernible sounds that are reactions to how the baby is feeling. I was very intrigued considering Nathan is on his way in 11days and I'd love to be able to understand what, if anything, he is trying to tell me. There is a DVD that not only shows you each of the 5 sounds and what each means but also the body language that accompanies these distinct cries so you may sooth your baby before he/she freaks out! Oh wouldn't that be nice.

Let me give you an example - she contends that a baby will cry "NEH" and that means they are hungry. When child is hungry he/she will put their tongue on the top of their mouth and that simulates the sucking reflex -- making this sound distinct from the others.

Here are the others:

"OWH" means they are sleepy
"HEH" means they are in discomfort - hot/cold or need a diaper change
"Eair" means they have lower gas -it's more of an "awe" sound and the baby will be pulling his/her legs up
"EH" baby needs to burp

The DVD is called Dunstan Baby Language - if it works then it's worth its weight in gold. However, this speech pattern recognition has its critics. You decide.

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