Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

Thank you for keeping up-to-date with Nathan. We hope you visit often and enjoy experiencing our son's journey as much as we do. Please feel free to leave comments.

We love hearing from everyone!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nathan's Baby Shower

On Saturday November 3rd, Nathan's Aunt Kathy gave Danny and I an incredible baby shower! The venue was so beautiful. It was a well planned and creative event filled with family and friends. All for Nathan!! What a lucky little boy!

The shower invitation was done in a modern baby blue and brown, which I loved!!! And, everything after that point coordinated with that color scheme and motif -- including the matching thank you cards, baby shower cake and little baby cupcakes!! Thanks Sis!!!!!

Each person in attendance and those that had RSVP'd that they were coming received a very special shower favor that my sister spent a tremendous amount of time creating -- personalized stationary or cards. What a creative idea! She wrapped each one with bows that matched the cake! All this from my sister who thinks she is not creative!!!! I think she now knows otherwise!!
One of the most wonderful things about such gatherings is the ability to see everyone. With everyone's lives so busy it can become a daunting scheduling task just to sit and visit with each other. My friend Rebecca came up from New York City and it was the first time she has seen me pregnant! I really think we all enjoyed spending time with each other!

Nathan received such wonder gifts and is well on his way to having what he needs for a long time. We are having to return only 2 gifts because of the continual recall issue (the Bumbo's). We received generous, thoughtful, creative, and beautiful hand-made gifts - Thank you! I am going today to purchase Nathan's furniture and the glider with the gift cards and money Nathan received! Babies R Us said it would take about 7 to 10 days for everything to come in -- so we should have things ready by December 1st.

I plan on washing some of Nathan's clothes today and start getting my hospital bag together - just in case! Last thing I want is for Danny to have to do all that. I figure that if I'm not ready my sister will help him! Thank God for Sisters!!!!

Will blog again after our weekly appointments!

Thanks Again Sis!!!! And, thank you all for attending and sharing in Nathan's baby shower!!
Danny and I are blessed to have each of you in our lives.


Monday, November 5, 2007

31 WEEKS AND COUNTING - Specialist Appointment This Morning

Danny and I visited our specialist this morning and only received good news for once!!!!! The baby is now in the 15th percentile (up from 6th and then 10th)!!!! We could not be more pleased!! He now weighs 3.5 pounds! His face is really starting to fill out and he is getting chubby cheeks!

The doctor said "whatever your doing - keep doing it!" I told her that I am doing - "nothing"! hahahaha and it seems to be working. I guess leaving the gym was a step in the right direction for our son.

We received three new pictures the morning too and one of them Nathan looks like he is praying! It's so cute - Danny and I were joking that he is praying "God please let me out of here!" :-) At least that's what we'd be praying for!

I go this afternoon to see our regular doctor for our weekly non stress test and check-up. I plan on confirming their plans for Nathan's arrival date and what he thinks about the progress so far.

I will blog again in the next day or two to give you that information and to tell you all about our awesome baby shower!!!! I'd like to post a few pictures so I'll need to get them from my sister first.

PS - We are buying a really lovely glider that matches Nathan's crib and dresser -- I've already picked it out! Thank you for your input.