Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Danny and I had our very last doctors appointment yesterday!!!!!! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for several reasons. First and foremost, it means Nathan will be here soon!!! Yes, in 5 days!!!!! December 27th is the day we finally get to meet our son.

The appointment went fine and the baby is doing great! For those that may read this before the 27th, here is the plan once we arrive at the hospital -- Danny will call our immediate family and let them know when it's time to come to the hospital. After the baby is born Danny will call a few people but he simply won't be able to call everyone. Instead, my sister Kathy, will log on to my Yahoo account and send everyone a picture and all the details!! So, check your email throughout the day.

Danny and I are very excited - Danny is very nervous so say a prayer for him that he makes it through the delivery process!! hahahahaha

Some of you have asked if I'm nervous and the answer is no. My greatest concerns at this point are making sure everything is in order for the baby. Making sure Nathan doesn't get his Hep B vaccine (when he is born) because it's totally unnecessary -- well, unless you have an STD or he plans on traveling outside the country in the near future. Niether of which is an issue -- if we do plan on traveling to Europe in the next year he can get it then - not minutes after his arrival. I plan on taking this tact with many of the unnecessary vaccines given to our children these days.

I've also been spending time searching for the right pediatrician. Not an easy task. I'm funny about certain things (surprise surprise). If I walk into a pediatricians office and the floors and rugs appear dirty or old, there are really no toys, books, or child decorations on the walls, or if the office doesn't look child friendly - I'm not bringing my son there. How does this relate to the care he will get - if a doctors office that specializes in children is anything but child friendly on the surface then underneath it all do they really care? Of course the doctors reputation is always a factor but this is about finding the just the right doctor.

Merry Christmas to you all. We will be in touch!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby Language

This week I was introduced to a woman (on the television of course) that claims to be able to understand infant baby language.

Although, not really a language she claims that there are 5 discernible sounds that are reactions to how the baby is feeling. I was very intrigued considering Nathan is on his way in 11days and I'd love to be able to understand what, if anything, he is trying to tell me. There is a DVD that not only shows you each of the 5 sounds and what each means but also the body language that accompanies these distinct cries so you may sooth your baby before he/she freaks out! Oh wouldn't that be nice.

Let me give you an example - she contends that a baby will cry "NEH" and that means they are hungry. When child is hungry he/she will put their tongue on the top of their mouth and that simulates the sucking reflex -- making this sound distinct from the others.

Here are the others:

"OWH" means they are sleepy
"HEH" means they are in discomfort - hot/cold or need a diaper change
"Eair" means they have lower gas -it's more of an "awe" sound and the baby will be pulling his/her legs up
"EH" baby needs to burp

The DVD is called Dunstan Baby Language - if it works then it's worth its weight in gold. However, this speech pattern recognition has its critics. You decide.