Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Introducing our Son - Nathan Daniel Terry!

(Nathan is only minutes old in this picture)

On January 1st, Danny and I went back to the hospital to try the induction again. The doctor thought Nathan's weight issue could be due to the placenta and he didn't want to put Nathan's life in jeopardy by waiting the four days until my due date -- at which point I would have had to have to be induced. We couldn't have agreed more - so off we went.

The next morning at 7:00am I was given pitocin and the doctor broke my water to speed things along. That was fun with no epidural! :-0 To make a long story short - at 5:00PM there was no progression and I was only 2 centimeters. The doctor said it was time for the c-section!!! YIKES!

For the first time in my pregnancy I was nervous. And, it happened in a flash - Danny was barely given time to call our family. They were not messing around! Nathan was born in less than a half hour.

Immediately after Nathan was born he was brought to the NICU because of low blood sugar, which as soon as they gave him the IV was normal. This is when the Neonatal doctors determined, just by looking at Nathan, that he had Downs Syndrome.

About 15 minutes after the surgery the NICU doctor came into the recovery room and gave us the news. I'm not going to kid you - I was shocked and heart broken. That was a lot to go through in such a short period of time. Danny and I were shocked because we were told by the Maternal specialist that our son had NO signs of Downs and we were heart broken because of our preconceived dreams of our new life. I think about it now as our own selfish dreams. Even over a week later its still hard sometimes but for different reasons.

God doesn't make mistakes and He has blessed us with Nathan - we would not have made any other decision had we known. I think about it now and am actually glad that I didn't know because I would have spent 6 months worrying about his health and I am happy to report - NATHAN IS TOTALLY HEALTHY!!!! Most babies with Downs are born with heart problems, digestive problems, respiratory issues, and will have developmental problems due to low muscle tone -- Nathan has none of these except a "mild" muscle tone issue (per the developmental specialist). Not to worry, Nathan's mommy is a gym rat - so he'll be fine!!! The specialist never picked up on anything because Nathan is so healthy - Thank God!

Danny and I think of Nathan as our "Little Jackpot" because we had a 1 in 800 chance of having a baby with Downs and we feel as though we've hit the Lottery! Our son is healthy and beautiful - and we can't wait for all of you to meet him. He will have struggles but What child or adult for that matter doesn't. Nathan was given to us for a reason - maybe it's to teach the world about Downs and what can be accomplished when everyone thinks the deck is stacked against you or maybe it's simply to help others with similar disabilities. Nathan has already helped the world by teaching all of you about Downs and together we'll do great things! I can feel it in my heart.

Danny and I look forward to the future with our son and can't wait for him to come home. Thank you all for your support and love during this time. It's times like these when you really know how much your loved by those around you. Thank you for being such a special part of our lives.

He drank 3 full bottles yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! And, took a good amount in all the rest! Danny and I are thrilled with his progress. I will let you all know when he is coming home - I am really hoping for the beginning of this upcoming week! Let's keep praying!

Love Kandi


michelle said...

Wow! He is getting big. He is so cute Kandi. John and I can't wait to see him again. We are praying that he will be home this week. :)

Shell and John

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

What great pictures! He is such a cute baby and he looks great! He is lucky to have such amazing parents and a huge extended family who will love him to death. You have such a great attitude and I am sure that he will always know how much he is loved. We can't wait to hear that he is coming home so you can start life as a family! Love, Meg, Dave, and Mairead