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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcomed to the family (part 1)

This was a big weekend for the Terry household. We were welcomed into a very special family on Satruday while attending our first Down Syndrome (DS)symposium. The key note speaker was a woman named Karen Gaffney - please take a moment to watch the above video. I can't promise you that you won't cry (I did) but I can promise you a new positive perspective on what's possible.

The event was titled "Beyond Our Wildest Dreams" - Karen truly hit the mark when she repeatedly said that dreams are not beyond the reach of those with DS. She is a living example of this -- we can all learn a great deal from her life.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

What an amazing and inspirational story! Thanks for sharing the video!

Anonymous said...

I remember the morning you called me and gave me the news that your little bundle of joy had arrived - and that he had DS. At the time you were very overwhelmed, and I asked "so... what now?"

I think this video confirms all that we have talked about - that anything is possible! We all have our limits, and we all have something to overcome. At the end of the day, when we have people who love and support us, and believe in us - we WILL overcome. I know that is going to be the case for Nathan, as I have always said that, with the parents HE'S been blessed with - he is the one of the lucky ones.

Every one of us who have children, worried/worry. We worry about some of the same things that I saw you have noted - will they have friends, will they aspire and have ambitions, will they have accomplishments... will they be the best they can be? None of us knows for sure. Some of us had it easier at the start, and have found our trials in the later stages of development. And, then some of us have to deal with the trials at the beginning. You have already begun giving Nathan's life a leg up (pun slightly intended :0), and I believe whole heartedly, that Nathan will have great accomplishments in his life. No matter what those accomplishments are, you will always feel pride and love for him.

I commend you on overcoming your own trials, and for all of your efforts at giving Nathan the best, right from the start.

With so much love, respect and admiration...

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Incredible girl and parents. mg

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Hi, I had the pleasure of meeting you this weekend, my name is Casey and I am mom to Oliver.Oliver was born January 13,2007, we didn't know until he was born either. Nathan has a great bday(it's mine too!) I love your blog and hope that we can meet again,maybe at playgroup. We live up in Glens Falls but the playgroups get held all over the area. My email is ynpgirl@yahoo.com if you ever want to chat.
Congrats on a beautiful son!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt in my mind that Nathan can achieve that and more... because he has you two for parents... and you are both wonderful parents.