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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hearing Test & Celebrating Aunt Charly's Graduation

Nathan & Aunt Charly
On Friday Nathan went for his third hearing test for his left ear. When he was born the doctor's were able to test his right ear only because Nathan's tubes are small. I guess it does stands to reason that anything related to a newborn is small so we weren't too worried about it at that time. When we went for the follow-up the therapist wasn't able to "get a read" because Nathan was too loud - imagine that! The test measures sound waves through the ear canal so the slightest of noise can interfere with the exam. The therapist asked that at his next follow-up that we feed him at the office in hopes that he'd fall asleep. Well, that's exactly what I did but Nathan had no intention on falling asleep.

The therapist tried another test that measures brain waves instead. Nathan had a diode (I think that's the term) attached to his shoulder, back, and forehead - he also had a suction cup ear piece on. The therapist said the test would take about 5 or 6 minutes and I should try and keep Nathan as still and quiet as possible. Well, 16.26 minutes later the test was over!!!!!!!!! We can happily report he PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!

Children with DS generally having hearing issues so we will keep on top of any hearing changes and have follow- up tests.
Nathan spent time with lots of family members yesterday at the college graduation party for his Aunt Charly. Charly graduated from St. Rose and is going to continue on to get her Master's in Education. Just in time for Nathan to start school!
For the first-time he was hugged, kissed, and just loved on by is Aunt Charly, Aunt Domenica, and Cousin Rose that lives in Atlanta. It was really wonderful to get some keepsake family pictures (see the slide show).

Nathan was so tired by the end of the night but was, as he always is, a good little boy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for celebrating my Graduation with me! I'm happy you and your Mommy & Daddy were able to take part in my special day. I love the pictures you put in my card... you are too precious!
See you soon!
Aunt Charly

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on passing your test Nathan! We're proud of you! And by the by, Happy Mother's Day Mommy - keep up the great work!


Carol, Luci, and Jeff