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Monday, May 19, 2008

A parental time out...

I received an email today from a lovely woman named Carol, who has a child with DS. Nathan and I happen to run into her at a little diner in Scotia while enjoying breakfast with Aunt Doe and Mim. Having first-hand knowledge of what we're going through with all the therapy sessions, doctor's appointments and working to give Nathan every opportunity to excel, she wanted to offer a little advice. She said, in the midst of all this don't forget to enjoy your son. A simple message that hit home.

As you all know, life some how creeps by us without notice and then one day we think - wow it's almost June already! It really is important to take lots of time to just enjoy our son and to spend time together as a family. These precious baby days are numbered and we won't get them back. We need to make sure we enjoy each of them now.

Just look at how much he's grown in just these few short months:

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