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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beans Beans the Magical Food......

the more you eat the more you poop!!! The more you poop the better you'll feel so eat your beans at every meal!!! (ok-it's really "greens" not beans but it works - the beans are green)

My dad used to sing this to us when we were little. I still crack up every time I sing it! Has anyone else heard this catchy little tune?

The relevance? Nathan had green beans for the first time today and he hated them!! This picture says it all. I guess we'll be discontinuing them for a while.

Nathan and I spent the day helping daddy at our other house - the below picture is another Danny doing - this very stylish hat is actually the cover to the smoke detector. Nathan was NOT a fan - as you can see.
I have this sinking feeling that someday Nathan's going to be a wee bit upset when he sees all these crazy pictures - courtesy of his dad!

Yep - Another Daddy hair style. If this keeps up I'll have to start changing Nathan in the morning myself!! The picture doesn't do this masterpiece justice. Danny seemed to think this look was in style.


Anonymous said...

I love the mohawk- its n=making a big com back Way to go Danny.
Love Aunt Kathy

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

I love all the different 'looks' Nathan has... such a stylish little guy! Green beans were not a favorite in our house at first either. But she eats them now, so maybe Nathan will come around, too!

Carol said...

Haha, the mohawk is hilarious!!! He keeps getting bigger and more handsome!