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Monday, June 30, 2008

Celebrate Good Times - Come on!!!

It was a party filled weekend in the Terry home. We had 6 events in 3 days and Nathan really held up well considering the endless hours he spent in the car!

On Friday, Nathan and I spent our afternoon at the Disability Awareness Festival in Schenectady Central Park. What an beautiful family friendly park featuring an amazing rose garden! It was our first time there and it won't be our last. In fact, it is the location for this years' Buddy Walk!

Nathan is being held by Brie who is a delightful, well-spoken, and highly motivated college graduate. We also found out that she is engaged to be married to Edward!!!! It was our pleasure to meet and spend time with her.

On Saturday Nathan and I attended the graduation celebration of my cousin Kayla. Kayla had intended on attending college at Alfred University but has decided to attend HVCC until she figures out what she wants to do with her life. I don't know about you but I'm still trying to figure that out!

Anyway, we're thrilled that Kayla will be moving to Troy in August and we'll be able to spend time with her.

As you can see from this picture Nathan is at Friends Night and this is the Wickham (candle-pork) family!!! This is rare - a family picture!!! Always nice to have a few anyway! Thank you Tom - for taking it!

Nathan attended his first political event on Sunday! He even received his own announcement when we came through the door! It was very cute - he was the youngest campaign volunteer in the room! I hope to expose him to many different events in his life - including the world of politics.

This is a picture of our Town Clerk - Linda Kennedy. The Terry family are big fans of Linda's - she sends cards, reads Nathan's blog, and genuinely cares about how he is. I even told her I was taking this picture for his blog!

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