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Monday, June 2, 2008

Mommy Craziness? You be the judge..

I'm really am not sure if this is because new mother's get a bad case of mommy craziness or if I am just burning the candle at both ends but I do know something is amiss.

It all started last week when I was having a crazy day at work and called home to leave myself a reminder message about Nathan's therapy. However, as I left the office my sister called and said - "ya know, if you want to leave yourself a reminder message - you should do it on your own machine!!!" I was like - "WHAT!!" hahaha You'd think I would have picked up on it immediately considering my brother-in-law is on their machine.

Then, twice last week I left the house with my shirt on INSIDE OUT! the first time I happen to see Alphonze in Walmart and he was like "hey, you might want to turn your shirt rightside in!" And then, it happened again on Saturday morning - thankfully is was just at the gym. To top it all off -- Saturday after my workout I washed my face with a two hands full of conditioner!!

That was it! All I could do was laugh at myself.

The weekend up-date to follow.

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