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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Day In History

On this day in history in 1904, by some accounts, the ice cream cone was invented by Charles E. Menches during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis.

This is important information for our kids - who doesn't love ice cream cones!!!

Here are some pictures from physical therapy this week. Nathan is working on his protective reflex, which simply means bracing himself when he falls forward. He is also working on learning to sit up from a lying position - he is doing really well with it.

In special education we are working on presenting toys and objects to Nathan's left hand - although he does take things with his left - the right is dominate. I don't think this is an issue - he's going to be a righty. We are also working on playing peek-a-boo and making banging noises.

In speech therapy we are working with all those lovely chew toys I posted about last week. As you'll see from the top picture and this one Nathan has taken to them just fine. In fact, he really likes the foamy ones that we dip in water.

These exercises help strengthen Nathan's facial muscles.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

These are great pictures-- I especially love the one of him hanging upside down on the ball!

John and Michelle said...

He doesn't seem to mind his little exercises. He looks so cute doing them.