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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Children Birthday Party Ideas by Parents

If you have children, you know how important your child's birthday party is. My son turns one in January - 4 months from now and I've been working on his party and stressing out about it for two months now! Nathan's only going to turn 1, once - that's pressure!

Because Nathan's only turning one, children's themed parties are out unless Baby Einstein parties are an option! I found out they are!!!!Nathan loves the bee on his Baby Einstein, First Sounds movie. If this were Mary Poppins we could pop into the movie and have one heck of a 1st birthday bash.
My sister found a great website for birthday party ideas that is written by parents! It's wonderful - check it out - you'll never have birthday party anxiety again!
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Christine said...

Oh my. Nathan is an absolute cutie. :) Happy Birthday Nathan!

Lianna said...

I think that is a GREAT idea for a birthday party! Gabe's first birthday party was lowkey -- but so special. So far, that was my fave year. I couldn't believe that he had turned one and even though he was far from "big boy" events -- he had certainly begun to venture away from "baby". January is not too far away, and I imagine that you'll be busy planning! I look forward to reading about the big event!