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Sunday, August 10, 2008

NASCAR, Root Beer & Down syndrome (The Glen Part II)

Most of you that know me well, know that my grandfather drove for NASCAR in the 50's. After his death he was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame and a trip to Watkins Glen would have been incomplete without stopping by the International Speedway. I am really looking forward to the day when I can bring Nathan to the races, tell him all about his Great Jido (that's grandfather in Lebanese) and bring him to the Hall of Fame. Nathan's Jido was an amazingly strong man with nerves of steel (as his song goes) and a heart of gold. He had a fun loving personality and was one of those people that just seemed larger than life. Some of my most memorable life lessons from him were "charity begins at home," "if you don't use your head - your whole body suffers," and "it's not worth doing unless you don't do it right - the first time." An awesome man that passed away too soon. We miss you Jido! http://www.vintagemodifieds.com/pete_corey/

So many of you have commented about my strength in dealing with Nathan's Down syndrome - If you've read about my grandfather at the link provided you'll discover that it's not just my faith that carries me -- I'm a Corey. My grandfather's nervous of steel were passed down. Our family doesn't just exist - we risk it all to defy the odds or prove a point. It's who we are and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As I promised, this is a picture of Nathan getting in on the taste testing in the wine country. But, he isn't tasting wine - he was sampling the home brewed root beers at the micro breweries along the Seneca Wine Trail! He was a big fan! When he's a little older mommy will teach him how to make Dragon Juice with root beer (a secret family recipe - all you cousins know exactly what I'm talking about!)


Ry said...

That's too funny, I was telling Rachael about dragon juice the other day!

Terry Family said...

hahaha - that is so funny! Danny cracks up when I talk about our family brewed dragon juice!!!