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Monday, September 22, 2008

A typical week for Nathan...

I thought you might enjoy, or be interested in, learning a little bit about a typical week of therapy sessions for Nathan.

Nathan’s favorite day of the work week is Monday – no therapy! At this point, Nathan spends the day with my bff Mary.

Tuesday, Nathan heads to his Nonnie’s and has physical therapy in the afternoon. Wednesday morning brings with it his first special education session of the week – again at Nonnie’s.

Thursday is the big day – we welcome Nathan’s speech therapist in the early morning, then we enjoy the company of his social worker in the early afternoon, and then end our day with physical therapy – all in the comfort of our home.

Nathan ends his work week on Friday with a special education session in the early afternoon.

And you thought children weren’t suppose to work!

I can’t believe it’s been seven months since we welcomed Nathan’s A-Team into our home and our family. And, just a few short weeks ago we welcomed the final member of the team – Nathan’s occupational therapist. She has visited once so far and will be working with Nathan monthly until he turns one – then, it’s once a week to start.

These wonderful women (yes, all women) have been such a blessing to our family. Not only do they care for Nathan but each has given me an unbelievable educational experience. As a first-time mommy, I would have had a ton of questions and my sister would have been the recipient of each one. But, as it turned out I didn’t need to call her all that much - I have five baby experts (all moms but one) to give me all the advice I need! It has really made this parenting transition easier and everyone could use a little less anxiety in their lives – especially this new mom that just wants the best for her son.

So, what about the current regimen? Well, Nathan is working on crawling in physical therapy! He is spending a good deal of time getting used to being on his knees – we place toys on pillows and prop him up. At this point, he is creeping backwards! I’ll take it – it’s so cute!

In speech therapy, we are working on eating more solid foods that require Nathan to munch. We are also working on his mouth muscles – his therapist teaches us facial stretching techniques and we use commercial products that stimulate the muscles. One toy vibrates every time he bites it – he loves it! The only downside is that it’s heavy and Nathan can’t hold it himself yet.

Even though this may seem like a lot – it’s not. Nathan loves his therapists and everything that he does is cloaked in fun activities. So, although he’s working – he doesn’t even know it!

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Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

He sounds like quite a busy guy! It's so great that you have so many people who care about Nathan and who are helping him to grow big and strong. My brother crawled backwards-- he would put his head down and use it to push. To each his own! Thanks for sharing!