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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wrestling an alligator!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever wrestled an alligator?

If you're blessed with a child - than I have news for you - you have wrestled an alligator!!

I was warned about this long ago but never really experienced it until now!!

The warning was - wait until he can roll over and then when you try to change him you'll be fighting him to get that diaper on!!! hahaha

Nathan is officially uncooperative when changing his diaper and he just rolls around. I've had to become skilled at putting his diapers and clothes on upside down!


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

I know what you mean! I can barely remember the days when Mairead would just lie there and let me change her. Now, Dave and I have to tag team change her because she is so uncooperative! You never realize how strong your baby is until you have to wrestle him into a diaper!

Shari said...

Giggling over here on the West Coast! I remember those days! And, some days, it truly was a workout! How do they get so strong so fast? :)

Jennifer said...

Singing a silly song helps--that works with my son. It grabs his attention and buys me a few seconds- until he remembers that his goal is to get away! My little boy is very close in age to Nathan. Bradyn is 9 months old, and I was wondering what size Nathans shoes are. Bradyn is in a 5! The boy is a moose--just wanting to compare to a boy close to his age.

Terry Family said...

I just took Nathan to have his feet measured and he is a 3 wide but she said he could grow out of them pretty quickly. For $45, I hope not!!!

Nathan is my little peanut - he's always been tiny but so are both my husband and I. Yesterday, we took him to the doctor and he weighed in at 15.5 pounds.

Lianna said...

Oh so cute!!! I miss the days when Gabe was smaller...Wait until Nathan runs away because he doesn't want any clothes on! This morning, I was rushing to get to Home Depot before the Saturday rush, and Gabe thought it was the funniest thing to keep rolling away from me while he was on his bed. (He has a double sized bed.) Anyway, I asked him if he wanted to go shopping naked just out of exasperation and he said "Yah! Naked!" LOL! I had to laugh at that! Boys are just GREAT!

Jeff P said...

Luci is also a rather squirmy baby. However, in my limited musical range (I believe it's called "atonal"), I came up with a little ditty that is uniquely about her getting her diaper changed. When I start singing it, she already knows what's going to happen and is mostly cooperative. Hope this helps!