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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

31 for 21: Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Today, kicks off National Down Syndrome Awareness Month and I've decided to participate in the second annual 31 for 21 Campaign - explained on Unringing the Bell, “The goal is to blog everyday for the month of October. 31 days to raise awareness of Down syndrome (a.k.a. Trisomy 21).”

Today's tid bit is an update on the impending Buddy Walk that our committee has been working diligently to put together! What a TEAM we have!!! With awesome, committed, passionate, and motivated people - YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! And, that is a fact.

At last check we had over 500 registered participants! That is so far the largest crowd ever at a Capital Region Buddy Walk!!!!!! We could expect upwards of 700 or more! YEAH!

Each pre-registered participant will receive a Buddy Walk t-shirt - this is the FIRST year that t-shirts have ever been provided at the Buddy Walk!!!!!! A special thank you to my friend Lisa Payne, for making this possible. Each pre-registered family also will receive 2 Down Syndrome Aim High Resource water bottles! Thanks Vicki!! And, if that wasn't enough -- each pre-registered family will go home with a Thank You bag - filled with products from Bumble and Bumble New York, Wella, Buddy Walk Kozzi's and much more!!! These bags are so full - we couldn't fit one more thing in them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't this awesome!!! There is much more to tell you about what's happening on Sunday but that's for tomorrow. You don't want to miss it!

http://www.dsahrc.org/ to sign up! Why should you sign up even if you won't get all these great gifts? There is lots more fun and freebies to be had!!!

These bags are the work of Kathy Smith, Nathan's aunt and Bernardina Torrey, one of my best friends - As you can see, the bags are beautiful - each was assembled with a great deal of love for Nathan and each family touched by Down syndrome. It took a great deal of effort to secure each of the donated items and even more time to assemble them. Do you know they tied bubbles on each of these bags for the kids! And, there are 250 of them!!!

Do you know the best part about this?!!!! Kathy and Bernardina can't wait to do it again next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless both these women.


blessingsandglory said...

If we didn't live across the country I would want to participate in the Buddy Walk just for the goody bags! Never mind that its for a fantastic cause! How wonderful to have so many amazing people surrounding and supporting your family and this amazing event. Way to go!

Corrie said...

I so much appreciate the hard work that you have put into the BuddyWalk and had it not been for the LLF annual meeting, I certainly would have been there! I'm sure it was a resounding success and I can't wait to hear about it!