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Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun facts about Down syndrome (Part 1)

Did you know...

* According to their families, 1 of 5 children with Ds talk on the phone with friends more than three times a week. For children older than ten, that number doubles.

* One in three children with Ds write email regularly

* Two of three children with Ds over age ten have a boyfriend or girlfriend!

*Approx. 7 out of ten children with Ds pray on a regular basis.

* According to their families, approx. 7 of 10 individuals with Ds imitate characters from a television program or movie*

Approx. 2 out of 3 individuals with Ds older than 10 prepare their own breakfast each morning.

* Three out of four individuals with Ds older than 10 make their own bed in the morning.

* One out of two individuals with Ds (older than 18) work in a non sheltered workplace.

* One in five individuals with Ds (18 or older) lives on his/her own.

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Lianna said...

I LOVE these facts!