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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guest Blogger - Carol Breen

"What a beauty she is! But looks aren't everything and it's important to me that as her personality continues to develop Jeff and I instill the right values.

Through the years, things that once had a stigma or were looked at as "different" have become mainstream. An important part of that is teaching children from the time they are born that differences are good and should be embraced - whether they are physical, mental or cultural

That's one reason I'm glad Luci has two friends with Down syndrome. These two boys are absolute joys and she loves playing with them. She has no idea there is anything "different" about them and she won't unless society teaches her there is.

My hope is that if someday Luci hears a cruel joke or a nasty comment, her reaction will be one of shock and confusion. I hope she grows up thinking that having friends with disabilities is completely normal...that having friends with different levels of mental or physical abilities is the same as having friends with different eye or hair color...that she grows into the compassionate person I know she can be if nurtured."

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mmc said...

She will, you'll make sure of it. I can't imagine my life without the kids I work with (kids with ADHD, autism and other learning disabilities) These kids are the most wonderful amazing children I've ever met, and thanks to your efforts, and luci, I worry a little less about their future. I just want them to be loved, have friends and be happy!