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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hopes & Dreams Wall

One of the more moving additions to this years’ Buddy Walk was the Hopes & Dreams Wall. A literal wall where people could put in writing their hopes and dreams for those they love touched by Down syndrome, themselves, or Ds in general. The DSAHRC has hired an artist to take these messages and the idea behind the wall and paint a reflective piece that will be auctioned off next October. I am so excited about this!!! We will also take the painting and have prints and other things made for all to enjoy.

What I’m even more excited about is being a part of the Resource Center and watching these hopes and dreams to true.
I’d like to share with you a few of those dreams:

"For Jen to become a famous model, like the role-model she is for us!"

"For Nathan: May all your dreams come true and may you grow up to be whatever you choose to be!"

"to live in NYC and work in a theater on Broadway!"

"For all children with special needs to live as independently as they can."

"We want our daughter to be a properly employed taxpayer! And, very happy."

"It is my dream that when people look at my daughter, they only see the beautiful person she is."

"My dream: for Nathan and other children with Down syndrome to teach and inspire others."

"I wish for all to understand Down syndrome and embrace them all."

"For the world to know what we already know."

"My dream is for you to grow up with a life filled with love and family around always. Love you so much."

"For my daughter to get a full life experience – college and marriage. Love Dad"

"You are our miracle girl: we love you!"

"My hopes and dreams for you my lovely child is to live each day of life to the fullest & always show your beautiful smile."

"My dream: Congressman Nathan Terry!!"

"I wish for their success and happiness and wish that everyone could be as nice and loveable as the ones with Down syndrome."

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The blog looks great! Thanks for always sharing so much great information and inspiration with us!