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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A life of potential - making a difference

Nathan received the most wonderful compliment today from his physical therapist!

I am constantly asking Nathan's therapists about how he's developing and how he compares with other children with Down syndrome. Today, I asked when she thought Nathan might crawl or walk because so often children with Ds may not crawl or walk until much later than most typically developing children. She thinks that Nathan is strong and has the strength and motivation to crawl and walk - he just needs to work on his coordination. She estimates Nathan will be crawling in a month and walking by about 14 months - we'll see!

During this conversation she said that she was so glad to be working with Nathan because he has shown her the developmental potential of children with Ds! I almost cried! I was so proud of Nathan!!! She gave our family the credit because of how much we work with Nathan when his therapists aren't here. What she neglected to recognize was her role in his success - she deserves just as much of the credit! All of his therapists do! Nathan is an amazing little boy who has continued to defy the odds. I pray more people see his potential and feel blessed by it.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

What a great feeling that must have been! Nathan has so many people who love him, encourage him, and help him to grow- I am not surprised that he is doing so well! Great job, Nathan! And, great job Mommy and Daddy!

Shari said...

That is wonderful news Kandi! I truly believe when a child is loved and adored like Nathan their development increases and can be faster. Good for you! I am so glad he's doing so well! Good job Mommie! :)

Lianna said...

That is wonderful news!!! Your therapist touched on something that I think many people in the helping careers feel...Children with Ds are great and effective teachers.