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Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Nathan military crawled this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it! I had him on the kitchen floor and I laid down in front of him and began tapping my nails on the floor. If you know Nathan well, you know he is absolutely fascinated with hands.

Next, I put both of my hands under his armpits and pulled him forward - showing him he can move forward and then I began tapping the floor again. This time he actually moved forward!!! And, he kept doing it!!!!! I was freaking out!

I called my sister totally crying and asked her to come over and video tape it because I couldn't tap and tape. When she got here, Nathan decided he had done enough! Figures!

I'll try again later. Stay tuned - you may see video proof soon!!!

On a side note, his physical therapist predicted he would be crawling by 10. 5 months and she wasn't too far off. In fact, she was only three days off!!!

As another aside, had I been at work today this wouldn't have happened. thank God for vacation time!


Lianna said...

WooHoo!!! Way to go Nathan!!! Oh, it is so much fun to see our little ones using their independence! I was just going over Gabe's early videos! He went from crawling to cruising in a very short time! I'm very happy for you!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

YAY!!!!! WTG Nathan!!!! You'll be into EVERYTHING before you know it! :)

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

That is so great! These milestones are so exciting-- I always love to see what they are going to do next! Now that he is mobile, there will be no stopping him!

Shari said...

Yay! I am so excited for you! Go Nathan! Can't wait to see a video! :o)

Carol said...

Go Nathan!!!!

datri said...

Way to go Nathan! Sheesh, I don't think Kayla was even sitting at 10 months, nevermind crawling!