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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Nathan saw bubbles for the first time!

Since he was born, hearing specialists have been unable to test his hearing in the left ear. At birth the doctors claimed his small ear canals were too small and then in the following four tests his breathing was too noisy to get a read. The test measures sound waves by placing a small probe in his ear that sends waves through the canal - once the sound waves hit the inner ear they bounce back. Do you how difficult it is to keep an infant quiet? Thanks to the mesmerizing effects of bubbling blowing by the doctor, Nathan was quiet long enough for the equipment to measure his hearing. He passed -both ears!


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

Yay for Nathan! And, good trick by the doctor! I love the ball popper pictures- we use ours a lot. Although, I feel like I spend more time chasing after the balls than anything else!

Lianna said...

Awesome news! I have to share with you that using bubbles is a fantastic way to engage our children. Our speech therapist used it to accentuate sounds and words (bubbles up! or bubbles down! or POP!). Bubbles are also a great way to have our children work on gross motor skills too by trying to reach the bubbles. (This can work on balance and hand over hand movements). And of course, there is the fine motor skills too like following the bubbles with hands and fingers and the actual popping action. In general, bubbles ROCK! :)

John and Michelle said...

Love the new family pictures. They came out really nice.

blessingsandglory said...

Way to go Nathan! I remember those dreaded hearing tests - we had to go through three rounds before they confirmed that Charlie's hearing was perfect in both ears. We joked that the audiologists who administer the tests must not have children - otherwise there is no way that they would consider it easy to keep your child both quiet and still for so long. Bubbles are a great idea!

waldenhouse said...

Great job Nathan.

Does he like his Rodey? Wil and Timothy are getting one for Christmas.