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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Right Decision Is Not Always An Easy One To Make

Just 12 short years ago, an ambitious college graduate got her first big job with the New York State Senate!!!! I remember that day like it was yesterday.

For the past twelve years I’ve had the privilege to work for and with some of the most remarkable people. Few can actually say that they have a deep respect and admiration for those that they've worked under but I can. These men (yes all men) have been great influences on the person and professional I’ve become. At times, they saw potential in me that I didn’t know existed and it inspired me. For that I am forever grateful.

For twelve years, I’ve had the great honor and privilege to do a job that only a few will have the opportunity to perform. Very few professions afford you the opportunity and platform to see injustice in the world and change it. I was afforded that opportunity and I will cherish it.

I gave my notice today at the Senate.

In so many ways I feel like I’m morning the loss of a loved one and in some ways I am. The Senate is a part of me – so I’m morning the loss of myself. And although, I've made this decision for all the right reasons it was still difficult. Nathan needs his mother and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have been blessed beyond measure for the past 12 years and look forward to the days ahead with my son. God may have closed this door but he opened another. That’s another post for another time.


waldenhouse said...

Oh, what a huge decision. I can relate to the feeling of mourning over that kind of transition. You will experience some grief to be sure. I look forward to reading about the new joys and challenges as you hang out with Nathan.

My new blog header? No I did not design it, I am terribly uncreative! I gave a friend of mine an idea of what I wanted - whimsical and feminine with bold, warm fallish colors. I love what she came up with, too. Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shari said...

That is a huge decision, Kandi. I know it had to take a lot of thinking and prayer. I know your time as a stay-at-home Momma will be blessed beyond measure! I look forward to hearing about your adventures from home. I do understand the sense of mourning leaving your job. I worked at the same place for almost 10 years and decided to stay home with Carsen when he was an infant. Hope your Thanksgiving is hugely blessed.

Miriam said...

Well, I'm glad.