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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for Down syndrome

Since the first Thanksgiving celebration in 1621, today is a day when we reflect on the past year and celebrate the abundant blessings given to us from God. A day when friends and family gather together to enjoy each others company, consume oodles of delicious food, and kick off the upcoming Christmas season. For our family, it’s also a day to give back - we’re getting ready to head down to the annual Equinox dinner to deliver food to those in need.

Each year, my Aunt gathers our family’s blessings and places them in a scrap book. This year I’d like to share our blessing with you.

I am thankful for Down syndrome. This year, my husband and I learned that some of life’s greatest blessings don’t come wrapped in the nice pretty packages that we hoped they would. Our package was lined with gold. So often a blessing is what we make it. Like Nathan. I can choose to see his syndrome as a blessing or a hindrance. It’s a blessing. His smile, little giggle, and sweet personality light up my days and I couldn’t imaging life any other way.

I am thankful to God because Nathan will be able to talk with us, he’ll run around, play sports, go to school and college, he’ll hold a job, and live a full life. It could have been different.

I am also thankful that our family has been blessed with opportunities that give me the ability to stay home with Nathan.

Happy Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with the reflection and realization of the many blessings you have in your life – big and small.


blessingsandglory said...

Though it may sound crazy - I agree. I would have never imagined myself calling Down syndrome a "blessing" there is simply no other way to explain how Charlie has changed our lives. Nathan is so blessed himself to have such a wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

blessingsandglory said...

I almost forgot...you are already one step ahead on this, but this post is such a beautiful complement to yours...http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com/2008/11/redeemed.html

Not sure if you have ever visited this blog, but it is hands-down one of my favorites.

Shari said...

I love your perspective. Thank you for sharing.

Hidden Treasures said...

I could not agree more! My daughter has Ds as well, and we ADORE her and her little extra chromosome! If you want to meet other parents who feel the same way, come on over to our message board. www.downsyndromejourneyforlife.com

We have a lot of fun celebrating our beautiful children.