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Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Ice Storm, Balls of Fire, and a Sleepless Night!

As most of you know, the Northeast was hit with an ice storm. We expected it. What the Terry Family didn't expect were the explosions outside our bedroom window at 1:30am!

It all started with the dog - he began to bark and become unsettled. Then the house alarm began to chirp and that's when the first fire ball explosion happened! Right outside our bedroom window.

One of our trees had so much ice on it that it leaned on the high voltage lines, which caused them to begin exploding. And, I'm not exaggerating when I say explosions - it was terrifying! My husband is a Master Electrician and he's never seen anything like it!

Of course the first thing I did was grab the baby (who is still in our room) and head down stairs - away from the poll. My husband picked up the phone to call 911 and guess what happened?
NO ONE ANSWERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?

Now, the baby is awake, the dog is shaking with fear and we're afraid our house is going to catch fire and we can't get 911 on the phone! So, we call the police. Where the irritated dispatcher tells my husband - "sir, it's just a transformer." Then, hangs up. Nice. Now, remember there is NO transformer on this poll - we were dealing with high voltage lines.

Danny then tries to call our local power company - no way we were getting through. This sucked.

After about an hour it seemed to calm down - what a relief. We saw sparks but the explosions had stopped. So, we decided to try and rest. Yeah right. Right up until the minute the fire explosions started again! Now, we were back to square one. We camped out in the furthest point in the house - watching the poll and simply praying our house wouldn't catch fire.

I'm happy to report - we were spared. If a sleepless night is all that we had to endure - I'll take it. We've caught up on our sleep and are doing just fine. Not everyone in our area has fared so well. All of our family is still without power and it's freezing here. Thank God for generators.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

Oh, wow! Thank God you were all ok! We were spared the worst of the storm in this part of the state, but we are thinking of all of you and hoping you have power again soon!

Shari said...

How scarey! I can only imagine your fear. And 911 not to answer is unacceptable. I will be praying that the power is on soon and that the weather will let up a little.

Carol said...

I'm glad you guys are safe - sounds like a terrifying night!

Jennifer said...

Very Scarey! Glad you are all safe! We had an ice storm and a week without power last year, and I want to warn you . . . be careful with your computer and TV while using a generator! Our TV was on when the generator was restarted after filling it with gas and it burned up the TV. Our neighbor lost a TV and their garage door opener! Good luck and I hope you don't make an expensive mistake like we did!

Jennifer said...

The new pic of Nathan with Santa is absolutely adorable! He is so cute anyway, and that picture is amazing!

Terry Family said...

Thanks Jennifer - I am so glad that you shared that with me. My husband just bought a brand new 46 inch flat screen! I couldn't imagine if he blew it up! hahaha