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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Odds & Ends

A few weeks back, Danny and I brought Nathan to see the Developmental Specialist for his follow-up appointment. If you happen to recall, the first appointment didn't go so well. However, I was pleased to learn the doctor that evaluated my son was moving away!! YEAH! (I would have switched anyway) So, we were placed with the doctor who is the head of the practice and well respected in his field. Following our last appointment, where Nathan, at six months old, was evaluated as a twelve week old, I didn't know what to expect. However, I did know that if a repeat performance occurred, it would be our last visit to this office.

The doctor was wonderful from the moment we met him and Nathan performed like it was his job! Nathan did so well that the specialist said, "Nathan has made my day!" He also said that Nathan is doing exceptional and WE DON'T EVER HAVE TO GO BACK!!!! Unless we want to.

Each of Nathan's therapists were stunned - two of them even cried! They've never heard this doctor ever say that before!! Our little man is just awesome! But, you knew that.

Last week, I took Nathan to see a pediatric dentist about the palette expander and basic dental appointment. I will never take Nathan back to that doctor again. Was he nice? yep. Did he seem knowledgeable about Down syndrome and Nathan's future dental needs? yep. Everything about him was just splendid - except the moment I laid eyes on him and he began to speak and talk to Nathan I got totally creeped out. I can't explain it - six sense. Something freaked me out about that dentist and I know when to trust my gut.

With that said, the palette expander wouldn't be placed on Nathan's teeth until he was about 5 years old and after speaking to his speech therapist, it's unnecessary anyway. She and I spent a good deal of time discussing just how we form sounds and words - the part of the tongue, jaw and mouth used in verbal communication. None of which would benefit from a palette expander. It was a nice try though.
Lastly, Nathan is in his own bedroom for the first since he was born. We'll see how this shakes out - for both of us. I'll let you know.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

What great news! Your kid is a superstar! And, it's great that you saw a better doctor- it's so important to feel comfortable with your kids' doctors. Sounds like things are going great-- yay Nathan!

John and Michelle said...

It's nice to hear the great news. Yay!!

Shari said...

I am so glad he is doing so well! I believe it has to do with his Mama and Papa. Great parents! And yes, trust your gut on Doctors if it seems weird. I hope he does well in his own room. He's getting big, Mom!