Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Giants Rule - Patriots Drool!!!

Nathan had a very busy and wonderful weekend. He met his Great-Mim for the first time, he found out that he is going to have a new cousin (YEAH John and Shelly!!), and he watched his favorite football team WIN the Superbowl!!!!!! What a weekend!!!!

Nathan was visited by Mim and Aunt Kathy (soon to be 1st time Grandmother!!!!!). It was so awesome and I felt so thankful to have 4 generations sharing bagels, coffee, and some quality family time together. So few families get these opportunites! My grandmother has been so fortunate to be able to attend the weddings of all her grandchildren and she is now going to see them all (come on Mike & Andree') have children of their own! I remember my great-grandmother and our children will as well. What a blessing.

Our little Chopper has taken on the responsibility of watching over Nathan as well. It is too cute watching Chopper with the baby.

And to our Boston cousins---GO GIANTS!!!!!!!