Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Six Weeks Old Today!

Nathan is six weeks old today! I can't believe how quickly time goes. Nathan received his first Valentines Day flowers from Cousin Rose who lives in Atlanta!! Thank you Rose - they are beautiful! We love & miss you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jungle Love!

Nathan had another doctor appointment yesterday and he now weighs 7.6 pounds!!! He is gaining just the right amount of weight and the doctor is very pleased.
Nathan's Early Intervention Team came for his CORE evaluation Friday. For those that don't know what this is - Nathan qualifies for a special Federally funded program that helps with early development. On Friday there were three specialists and his Case Manager here - a Speech Pathologist, Physical Therapist, and a Special Education Teacher. Nathan did very well. He almost rolled over!!!!! Can you believe it? Five weeks old - the PT and everyone else were shocked.
The Speech therapist noticed that Nathan was eating improperly and that we were also not holding him right. This is contributing to a cavern like pallete (which can be changed) - so we are agressively working to rectify things. Danny and I have changed his positioning during feedings and Nathan has begun to suck more efficiently. The specialists will visit our home every week to work with Nathan on various things - basically whatever he needs. And, the great thing about this program isn't just that they come to your home but that they will come as often as Nathan needs.
We visit the doctor again in two weeks for shots and a weight check.
On another note - Nathan is now drooling!!! Too funny! At first I thought he was spitting up his food but nope! Just spitting.