Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Morning Rituals

These photos are from this morning of Nathan doing his morning PT exercises. We try to do them three times a day. He's been very tired today so we only played for a few minutes. He's fast asleep now.

I'm With Cupid!

Nathan hopes you all had a very loving Valentines Day and that you enjoyed your Valentine. I'll be honest with you all --I didn't care for most of the pictures that Nathan had taken. We learned a lesson - he was hungry and all he wanted was to eat - next time we go after he eats. The photographer was also not very good and lacked in the creativity department. We will be heading to a different company for our next round of pictures.

In another development -- Nathan is now on his third formula -- he was having some major problems with projectile vomiting, bad nasal congestion, and gas in his belly. He is doing much better and we are thrilled. From the first bottle we noticed the nasal congestion cleared up and it's been three days now and Nathan has not had a vomiting episode!!!

We have been visited by his specialists several times now and we're learning a lot. Nathan is doing great with his PT sessions and get this - HE ROLLED OVER!!!!!!!! The PT specialist and I were shocked!!! She was like "how did he do that?" I said " I have no idea!" She said she has NEVER seen an infant roll over!!! And, he did it again for me yesterday. So, PT is going very well.

The Speech Therapist is really helping us with Nathan's feeding issues and teaching us different exercises that will help him avoid certain conditions typical of Downs children. What I like most about this therapist is that she is aware of what may "typically" happen and her mind set is that "it doesn't have to." And, that is exactly my outlook! I work with him all day long (when he's awake) and thank God, Nathan will be with family when I return to work and they too will work with him.

Another really terrific aspect of this program is the therapists willingness to work with Nathan's caretakers. Both will be visiting my sister and Nonnie to teach them the PT and Speech exercises. I love that!!!!