Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friends night with the newest additions

Saturday night Nathan attended his very first friends night. So did the newest addition to my friend Carol Breen's family - Miss Luci!!!! Luccia Mae is just over a month old and Carol is enjoying every second of mommy hood. I'm sure the two of them will have a great time growing up together!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A parental time out...

I received an email today from a lovely woman named Carol, who has a child with DS. Nathan and I happen to run into her at a little diner in Scotia while enjoying breakfast with Aunt Doe and Mim. Having first-hand knowledge of what we're going through with all the therapy sessions, doctor's appointments and working to give Nathan every opportunity to excel, she wanted to offer a little advice. She said, in the midst of all this don't forget to enjoy your son. A simple message that hit home.

As you all know, life some how creeps by us without notice and then one day we think - wow it's almost June already! It really is important to take lots of time to just enjoy our son and to spend time together as a family. These precious baby days are numbered and we won't get them back. We need to make sure we enjoy each of them now.

Just look at how much he's grown in just these few short months:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

From the developmental specialist to the Greek Festival!

Any child that receives care in the NICU at St. Peter's hospital gets a one way ticket to the developmental specialist. Nathan went on Tuesday and it's taken me this long to tell you all about it because I was a little disappointed.

After Nathan was evaluated the doctor told us that he is lagging in his motor skill development due to his "slight" muscle tone issue. When Danny asked her to elaborate on what she based her determination on - she said several things. First, she wanted Nathan to have good head control when she lifted him up by his arms, which he does but when she tried to do it he was resisting and kicking his feet out. Secondly, she wanted Nathan to but his feet out straight when she raised him - like in his superman video, which he does - you've all seen it! And lastly, she expected Nathan to completely raise himself up on his hands when she put him on his stomach not just on his elbows like he does now. He's does that too and has been since he was two months old - although, for him to do it each and every time is actually a 5 month old skill not 4 months. (See Blog Post "Morning Rituals - 2-21-08)

When we engaged her in solutions she said Nathan was doing fine and there was nothing more we could do beyond his therapy sessions. Interesting. What was even more disturbing was her comment that Nathan was doing so well simply because he sleeps on his stomach. Now - let me think.........Nathan has been getting therapy since he was 5 weeks old.....we work with him all the time......but he is doing so well just because he sleeps on his stomach!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

On to the Greek festival....

Nathan, Mommy, and Lisa E went for lunch at the Greek festival and our typical happy baby FREAKED out when he heard that very loud Greek music!!! All of a sudden I looked down and he's screaming - it totally caught me off guard because he is generally so good about loud noise. Do you think it was the Greek music? hahaha