Nathan is Hebrew and means "gift from God" - we couldn't have been more blessed than to have been chosen as his parents!

Thank you for keeping up-to-date with Nathan. We hope you visit often and enjoy experiencing our son's journey as much as we do. Please feel free to leave comments.

We love hearing from everyone!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Mommy Must Have!

As I've blogged before, the television camera monitor is a must have for any new mom! From the moment I saw this fancy technological device I had to have it. Seven months later - I couldn't be without it.

In my opinion, there are two advantages to this system over conventional models - I never have to run upstairs to check on Nathan and piece of mind - I can see and hear him at all times! The only downside to this video monitoring is that I'm ADDICTED to it! I sleep with it on, I have it with me in the bathroom while showering, in the kitchen when I'm cooking, and everywhere else I am in or outside of the house.

Here is some video from this afternoon - just in case you needed a little more convincing.

Nap time.

I'm awake mommy!!! (the lines on the screen are not the tv but my digital camera).

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stretching Your Dollar

I just stopped over to the Albany mommy blog and she posted these great sales with their corresponding codes! In today's economy, it's a necessity to be frugal with your family budget and these coupons can help you do that. They come just in time for your last minute back to school shopping or if you have an infant like Nathan, they'll be useful for putting his winter wardrobe together.

Go ahead - start shopping - these coupons are a great way to stretch your dollar!


Rugged Bear - Stuyvesant Plaza - 20% off everything sale 8/21-8/27

Gymboree - Circle of Friends 30% off - use code GYMFRIEND online

Old Navy - 20% off when you use your Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic card until 8/21 use code STUFFSAVE

Ann Taylor Loft.com - 25% off 8/21-8/24 - use code 10701098

Do you know of any other sales or codes that would be helpful in stretching the back-to-school dollar? If so, leave a comment and I'll add them to this list!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Favorite Picture of the Day!

While looking for a picture on our camera I came across this happy little camper. This face and that hair are enough to tell me this was another daddy special! He is just too cute! He looks like he got caught in a wind tunnel!!! hahahahaha

It's Great To Be King!!!!

Today is a very important day for our family. Our cousin Michelle is being admitted into the hospital for a scheduled induction - it's only a matter of hours now before they meet their son!!!

We're all waiting anxiously by the phone for the news. I'm just as excited to find out his name! There's a contest stemming from the royal baby shower and a prize still waiting to be claimed.

Speaking of royal baby shower - when Nathan was born the nurses in the NICU referred to him as "Prince Nathan," but after today, that title will no longer befit him. Why?

I've joked since Michelle's baby shower, that was literally a royally themed event for Prince Hickok, that Nathan will no longer be able to claim this title once the newest addition comes along.
Nathan now becomes KING!!!

Historically, in a royal family the line of succession goes to the oldest legitimate boy in the family - in this extended family that is now Nathan! This is the crown his Great-Aunt Kathy gave to him at the royal event.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Damsels in De-Stress!

I was fortunate to share a wonderful weekend with some friends in Maine celebrating a BIG birthday - (it was our Damsels in De-Stress Weekend!). Therefore, I have very little to report from the weekend but do have some previously taken summer pool photos.

Nathan spent some time with his Grammy this weekend and had his first experience in a walker. Daddy wasn't able to take any pictures but he said Nathan loved it! Nathan figured out pretty quickly how to push himself backwards and thought that was very cool.
These pictures are from Nathan's first experience in a big pool! He was mesmerized by the reflecting rays of the sun on the bottom of the pool.