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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Gifts!!! (Birthday Bash Part VI)

We decided it would be best if Nathan opened his gifts at home - he was a little cranky and a lot tired. It was the right decision. After his nap Nathan was able to take his time and he opened each and every one of his gifts with out the pressure of the guests wanting him to hurry up so they could go home. We really had fun watching him rip the paper. Here are the pictures from the gift unwrapping!

Nathan received so many toys! What a lucky little boy!! Thank you, to each of you that so generously and thoughtfully gave Nathan a birthday gift. He will have fun playing with each toy as we go through the year. Nathan also received a very special gift I'd like to tell you about. It was from his Great-Nonnie. It was a herringbone 18k gold necklace straight from Italy with three charms. One of the charms is a soccer ball that was given to his Great-Nonnie when she was Christened as a baby herself. I told her we'd give it to him one day when we know he can be responsible for it. It's just beautiful.

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Lianna said...

Your Great Nonnie's gift is so precious! What a wonderful gift for Nathan. I imagine that when he is old enough to care for the chain and charms, he'll also cherish the story and meaning behind it, too.♥