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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Dreams for Down Syndrome

Today, is a monumentally historic day for this country and one I hope will be the gateway to fulfilling the dreams of those with disabilities. To me, today is a victory for the civil rights movement - a day many have dreamed about.

The civil rights movement is not over.

Throughout the campaign, and now during the inaugural festivities of President Barack Obama, we have heard the names and dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln invoked. The President will even be sworn in with President Abraham Lincoln's bible.

I too have a dream ~ that one day my son won't be judged by the slant in his eyes and the draw in his speech. That one day, my son will live in a world where people won't look at him and see his disability but a person with great possibility. No different than you and I - each of us deserves every opportunity life has to offer.

One day, I will know the elation and overwhelming joy that so many Americans are feeling today. I just happen to believe that one day my son will be sworn into office and you'll all be watching history be made once more.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

Thanks for sharing Nathan and your dreams with us- you guys are inspirational to us all!

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome and wonderful!