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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Therapy Update

Nathan has been receiving therapy through the Early Intervention (EI) Program since he was five weeks old. Today, he is receiving physical therapy - twice a week, special education - twice a week, speech therapy - twice a week, and occupational therapy - once a week. We also have a social worker that helps us with paperwork and navigating through life with a child with special needs.

From what I know, the EI program requires a yearly evaluation with a new set of goals from all therapists - we've scheduled that meeting for the beginning of February. With this impending meeting just weeks away Nathan's therapists have been testing him to determine where he falls on the developmental pyramid. Therefore, I've been getting lots more "to do's" on my follow through plate, which is perfectly fine with me. I can't even begin to tell you how helpful Nathan's "A-Team" has been. Just yesterday, I learned how to apply pressure just right to the back of Nathan's hand that will help stimulate his muscles to release toys into their containers. It's just to help him get the feeling so he'll eventually do it on his own.

Did you know, that it takes Nathan and other children with low muscle tone 1o times the effort to do anything and other child does without thinking? The simple act of Nathan drinking from a sippy cup or waving goodbye is a challenge because it takes him 10x's the strength to pick up that cup or to raise his little arm. Think of it like this - if you work out at the gym and you usually curl 10 or 15 pounds for your biceps - go ahead and make it 50 or even 100 pounds (10x's the weight). I know I wouldn't even be able to pick those weights up. Not even with both arms. This is why Nathan's therapists have been so pleased with his accomplishments.
Nathan really gets to play with the coolest toys! Next week he's going to try some cool swing that is suppose to warm-up his muscles before he begins therapy. We'll see. I'll keep you posted!

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Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

You really do have an amazing little boy on your hands- and he is lucky to have amazing parents! Keep up the great work!