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Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

I can describe this weekend in one word - teething!

We were invited to celebrate this little handsome boys 3rd birthday but Nathan had other plans. Not long after we arrived Nathan began to cry - hard. He was relentless. We tried everything. The end result - we missed the Cars celebration and headed home so Nathan could calm down and drift into lala land.

Once Nathan woke up we headed to a family bowling night and we took along our niece. It was her first time bowling and she had a great time. After a few rolls she was telling me how to fix my bowling game. She is a chip off the old block!
Nathan has begun a chest cold and we're waiting to see how it goes. Danny went and purchased a liquid Vicks vaporizer for his room and I continue to use the aspirator on his little nose. You know this child is so awesome that he even lets me use the aspirator!!! Don't wipe his face but go ahead and stick that thing in his nose - it's all good.

Although, he is a little under the weather - he's back to his normal happy little self. The tooth broke through and now we're just waiting for the next one!

I mentioned to Danny the other day that so many parents complain when their child doesn't sleep through the night (believe me I know its tough and I'm not a huge fan) but I'm thankful that I even have a child to keep me up at night. All things pass - in time. (remind me of this when I complain!)

ON TAP THIS WEEK - Early Intervention is in jeopardy under the Governor's budget - I'll tell you how and what it means for children in New York State. I'll also post a therapy update - what we are doing and working on. Nathan's coming up for review in the early intervention program so I'm starting to get all sorts of feed back from his therapists.


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

I'm sorry he is not feeling well- Mairead is just at the tail end of that same illness- it's everywhere! My friend's son in Southern California even has it! Hope he is feeling better soon! I love that picture of him on your lap- he looks like the camera totally surprised him!

datri said...

I was really hoping that having a Gov with a disability would help keep some of the funding safe. Um, apparently not.

Kayla's going into Kindy and I just found out that they are planning to merge our Sullivan County BOCES with Orange-Ulster BOCES. Which they claim will be better services but will result in at least a 2 hour bus ride each way! NOT cool!!!

Carol said...

That's a very good point about being kept up at night - I'd rather be exhausted because of my little darling than well-rested without her. Thanks for the perspective!