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Monday, February 23, 2009

Home Alone

This was mommy and Nathan's first weekend home alone without daddy! I wasn't sure how I'd do. The thing is, our family has an emergency plan that is executed if anything were to go wrong. If the fire or burglar alarm were to go off in the middle of the night - we have our roles and we know just what to do. But, how was I going to execute the plan alone? How was I going to get the baby, the dog, deal with the alarm and heaven forbid someone in the house?

At first, I thought - no problem - I'll just take all the necessary "supplies" with me and sleep in Nathan's room. But that's not what happened. Just before bed each night I read Nathan a children's bible story - we just open the book and whatever page I open to - we read. That night, we read about baby Moses being placed in the basket and set in the high grass of the river. The story talked about how his sister watched over him to make sure he was safe. The moral of the lesson was: not to worry because God will keep you safe!

That story wasn't for Nathan it was for His other child - me! In the end, Nathan slept in his room and I in mine. Everything was fine. We were kept safe. Thank you God!

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Carol said...

It's nerve-wracking being alone at night with a baby to watch over, isn't it?! But you can handle any situation that comes up. Glad you're both safe and sound!