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Friday, February 27, 2009

Odds & Ends

After a very long process, Nathan has finally received his Medicaid waiver. I'm not sure if you recall but when Nathan was born we were told he HAD to have Medicaid and I was livid about it. I told the social worker at the hospital "Nathan had private insurance - he'd be fine." Why does he have to be on Medicaid! Well, that was the - just found out your son has a disability protective mommy coming out - not the level headed mommy. I thought Nathan would get inadequate care and I simply wasn't going to have it.

Nathan doesn't "have to" have anything. There are several reasons that children with Down syndrome and other special needs apply for a waiver to be in the program. First, there is always a possibility that our private insurance company won't pay for a procedure or device Nathan may need - Medcaid will. Secondly, the program provides Nathan with opportunities we would otherwise have to pay out-of-pocket for. So, after some investigation and lots of paperwork - Nathan now is dually covered by our private insurance and the State. And, if I understand this correctly, we will no longer be responsible for any medical co-payments, which is a nice little bonus - they add up.

On another note, Nathan is standing up on every thing these days! I couldn't be happier. He stands in his crib, on his toys and today, he even pulled himself up onto the bathtub! We are one step closer to walking! Something we've been practicing a lot these days.

Nathan's new speech therapist begins on Monday - keep your fingers crossed!

Have a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

Way to go my little buddy. Aunt Kathy is so proud of you and your mommy

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Horray for Nathan!!!! Well done buddy! Cant wait to see your first few steps... Big hugs to you! God bless, Megan and Keaton

Carol said...

So cool he's getting close to walking! I LOVE the new picture at the top of the page. So flirtatious!

datri said...

We've had issues with NY Medicaid and copays. Basically, the doctor (or pharmacy) has to want to use Medicaid as a secondary. Our podiatrist won't bill a secondary and since our insurance doesn't cover orthotics, we had to pay for them out of pocket. I couldn't even get WalMart to bill the copay to Medicaid. I got RiteAid to do it once, but then they wouldn't do it again. Argh.

Finding places that take both private insurance and Medicaid is a pain. I wanted to take Kayla to a dental clinic, but since we have very limited dental coverage, they wouldn't take us unless we had straight Medicaid. Frustrating!

I don't know why they can't have some system where you can look up who takes Medicaid like I can look up doctors who take my insurance. I hate being on the phone all day trying to find out who takes both.