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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Steps For A Little Guy

Nathan is taking steps!

As soon as I have a second pair of hands, I'll post a video. What we've been doing is placing some toys on to our ottoman, stepping back a few feet and encouraging Nathan to get his toys! He's doing really well and improving everyday! Yesterday he actually took three steps for Daddy! I feel we still have some time before he's really ready to take these steps without encouragement but we're getting there! Way to go my little rock star!

Bath time has also become an interesting experience since Nathan learned to pull himself up. Now, instead of playing with toys and splashing like a crazy boy he just wants to stand up! The entire time! He even tried to climb out last week! That's my boy! :-)

I'm sure that all of you with boys can relate to this but my son just turned 14 months old and has Down syndrome - it isn't "suppose" to be this way! I love that! He's rewriting the expectation rule book. You go Nathan!!!


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Oh my word - you could of been writing about my Keaton in this post - Keaton LOVES bath time and all his toys ect ect, but his favorite thing to do these days is stand in the bath and he wont have it any other way! he he he he.... Maybe Nathan and Keaton are secretly plotting this against us? he he he... What wonderful news about his walking - thats so beautiful! Keaton is also becoming a rock star around the house - walking a good few steps and then turning around to look for praise - I have to clap my hands and shout - he gets a kick out of it! You go Nathan - you rewrite ALL the books out there! God bless, Megan and Keaton

Carol said...

Starting to walk - that's awesome!!!! Go Nathan!!!