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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Early Intervention ~ NYS Budget Agreement

I've just spent the morning combing through the New York State Health Budget bill (S.56-b) and the appropriate Article VII bills and the previous Early Intervention parental fees and billing changes proposed by Governor Paterson have been omitted by the Legislature!!!

I've also done a basic legislative search and the only mention of Early Intervention was found with regard to the current Rockefeller drug laws - not developmental disability services!! So, it appears NYS is going to treat their drug offenders and their children.

If I am incorrect (which I doubt) or I come across any additional information, I'll be sure to pass it along with an update to this post.

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datri said...

It was in our paper that the parental fees idea was dropped! Yay! What a relief (and we're not even in EI anymore) I'm guessing enough people were up in arms and calling that they decided it was a bad idea. The disabled governor going after disabled kids just didn't play well, I suppose. Ah, politics! Good to know our voices were heard, though!