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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Never Trust a Fart!

Yep, that's right - never trust a fart. Especially, from your infant son.

Yesterday, after finishing dinner I ran out to the store and daddy gave Nathan a bath. As I mentioned in a previous post, Nathan just wants to stand in the tub these days and while getting a bath he let one rip! Nothing unusual - all little ones fart unexpectedly - that's just what they do and Nathan does it well. So, Danny really never thought anything of it. He was probably like - "that's a good one!"

Right up until the moment he looked in the tub and saw the huge poop floating around!

When I returned home, Danny called me upstairs and said, "go look in the tub" - "see what Nathan made." I was like "what? ok." YIKES!!! I knew I needed those trash bags!

We were all cracking up now - including Nathan! :-)



Lianna said...


We've had a few of those ourselves! Ha!Ha!Ha! And chasing down the big poops in the tub can be challenging too! Yuck!

BTW, you're welcome for the award. I Love your blog. The gist of the idea is to reward seven other bloggers and to write about seven things/people you love in your life. But no obligation, of course.;)

Anyway, today's post is extremely funny -- and I so GET it! :P

waldenhouse said...

Ha! We, too, have experienced the not so innocent fart!