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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Separation Anxiety & The Cheerio Culture

This past week has marked a turning point for Nathan ~ he is experiencing separation anxiety. The few hours that I've been away from him this week have been marked with crying and anger. Believe it or not, the therapists are thrilled because they say most toddlers with Down syndrome don't experience this type of anxiety.

Nathan's Aunt Kathy has been the recipient of his crying and she was feeling pretty bad about it until the therapists gave us some counsel and advice on how to handle these situations. Unfortunately, Nathan is beginning to associate his Aunt with mommy leaving so, we've had to make a concerted effort to change our behavior and simply visit without mommy leaving.

Funny story - the other day, we went over to my sister's so she could go run an errand and as she was leaving she waved bye to Nathan and he started clapping and smiling! Like, yeah mommy is staying and Aunt Kathy is leaving!!! bye bye It was cute.
Look at this child ~ standing all by himself! I tried to get some video of him taking steps but the battery on the video camera was dead! It's charging as I type this. I'll have video in the next few days.

We're in the market for a camper and today while shopping, Nathan was testing out the fishing boats! We love camping and would like to do more of it. We're really not sure what to buy - we don't want a big camper or to spend a lot of money but we would like to have a bathroom. Just something to make lots of fun family memories in (that's warm and dry).

When I first saw this cheerio on Nathan's forehead I immediately thought of the caste system in India! Don't ask me why. If you aren't familiar with that system it's used in India to basically determine a person's social status. Nathan has been accepted into the banana nut cheerio caste and therefore, granted all rights and privileges as such. (disclaimer - the caste system has been outlawed in the Indian Constitution although, still recognized in rural India.)


datri said...

Awwww, those pics are too cute! Love the chicky blog layout! Awesome. Bring that camper down here to Sullivan County anytime! Actually, we were thinking about heading up Albany way during the Tulip Festival thing. With the whole "Welcome to Holland" Down syndrome connection, seemed like a great time and place to get some pics!

Carol said...

What a big boy!!! He stands so well - it won't be long before his hesitant baby steps turn into full-fledged running!!! And so handsome to boot!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Yay for Nathan!! Well done Big Boy - you look so cute standing! I cant wait to see you walking... Hope the weather is getting better - its getting colder here! GOd bless sweet boy! Megan and Keaton

Lianna said...

When Gabriel was just about one and half years old, my husband and I left him in the care of my sister while we had to run errands.

Apparently, he did not cry, but instead, became sad, laying his wee head on the carpet, not interacting with his aunt nor cousin!

To this day, I believe that was his separation anxiety. Once preschool hit, well, he marked the occasion with all out crying.

Nathan is so handsome! And getting so big already! I am very happy for you, especially for Nathan, that he is beginning his first steps. This is so important for our little ones -- a true sense of independence and exploration!!!

Cheerios still rock in our household! Even Momma loves them!