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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mommy's First Real Trip Away!

I am currently in Arizona - far away from Nathan for the very first time!!! I went on an overnight for work when he was a few months old but nothing like this. Before leaving I did what most moms would do - everything! :-)

I made a two page list of daily activities, therapy, foods to eat and what Nathan drinks with each meal. I cleaned all the clothes, put food in the refrigerator, and set up care for Nathan while Daddy was at work. We took this picture just before I left yesterday. I cried when Daddy left in the morning but made myself hold it together when I kissed my precious son at the airport. I knew he was going to be in good hands and I'd see him in a few days!

I've called and emailed home probably way too many times and everything is perfect. I miss my family but am experiencing the desert for the first time - it's very different than New York and so cool (I mean hot!). Daddy was being very silly and playing around with Grammy's new computer camera. The camera software allows him to distort pictures and this is what he emailed to my phone today! It said "Hi Mommy!" in the subject area. Was I surprised when I opened it! I cracked up. I miss my guys.

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