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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Moment of Weakness & Some New Toys

Saturday, I had a mini breakdown and I say mini, because it lasted all of about 10 minutes. I've been thinking a lot about how most parents never give much thought to how their children develop - they just simply wait for it to happen and then get all excited when it does. As they should. It's just not that way for us and some times it's difficult for me to stomach. It sort of reminds me of when Danny and I were trying to get pregnant. It seemed like everyone under the sun was getting pregnant but us - for four years. And, with each impending announcement the news got harder and harder to swallow. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled for each and every birth announcement but deep down I kept thinking ~ "is it ever going to be my turn?"

Today, we have lots of awesome little babies growing up in and around our family and with each of their milestones I sometimes think ~ "when is it going to be Nathan's turn?" Nathan is doing tremendous but he is definitely experiencing delays with some of the small stuff. As a mother, it's hard to watch your child struggle and work so hard to accomplish what most children do so easily. This is going to be a life long challenge for our family and we just have come to terms with fleeting moments of weakness. I thank God for Danny - he's so understanding and knows just how to help me through these times. We'll just carry on doing the very best we can to help Nathan develop and leave the rest to God.

This leads me to some new toys and their purpose. Nathan is working on and has pretty much gotten the concept of putting a ball into the toy where it belongs. Below, is the ball popper and the gum ball machine that helps Nathan get this concept. The ball popper is very cool because he can watch the balls wind down to the bottom and then shoot straight out the top. The gum ball machine serves a dual function ~ it's a two step toy requested by Nathan's special education teacher. Nathan not only has to put the ball in the top but in order for him to get the balls out he has to push the lever on the side. In the middle you'll see bubbles ~ all kids love bubbles ~ but for me they serve another purpose - I use them to help Nathan work on his pointing by popping the bubbles.

This week I am going to employ some more creative tactics for working on Nathan's pointer finger. There are some children's applications for my i-phone that Nathan can play and I think he'll get a kick out of. There are a few that he just touches the screen and fireworks go off or flowers pop up - these apps will help him develop that pointer! Our occupational therapist shared this with me and I'm a big fan of technology ~ so I'll definitely employ these creative techniques.

Nathan loves his ball pen and figured out how to roll it over to the toy box and play! too funny.


datri said...

It's so strange when you realize that you look at toys not as toys, but as therapy! Kayla still loves that ball popper, it sucks out those batteries tho, so we had to hide it.

Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

Mairead loves that ball popper thing, too! We also hide ours- not only does it eat batteries, but it ends up that Mommy and Daddy are chasing the balls all over the place! I LOVE that he drags the ball pit with him- that is ingenuity!