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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Addition to the A-Team & The Blog

We are welcoming a new physical therapist to Nathan's team tomorrow morning! His previous P.T that we LOVE had a baby and is out on maternity leave until September. His new therapist is one of those almost impossible to come by therapists because she is in super high demand. All the good ones are!!! I am so excited ~ everyone talks about her and how terrific she is. I'll let you know tomorrow how things go.

On another note, we will be adding a regular entry to Nathan's blog each week ~

Around the Websday for Down Syndrome.

It's going to post each Wednesday and go over all the latest things happening regarding Down syndrome (Ds) on the web. I'll give the highlights and provide links to more in depth information ~ think of it as the one stop shop for your cyber news. For example, the hottest information this week centers around the link between Ds and hard tumor cancers. I'll discuss this in more depth on Websday but the bottom line is that persons touched by Ds are less likely to get hard cancers compared to the general population. It's very interesting stuff!

I hope you all find the information useful and if you happen to know of something happening around our virtual community let me know! That includes great informational posts on other blogs pertaining to Ds.

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