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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just For Moms!!! Designed With You In Mind!

My friend, a designer in Texas, has just launched a new clothing line designed just for moms!!!! It's awesome! Olive Designs "The mission behind the brand is to thankfully appreciate motherhood and all the joys it brings by paying it forward." This is one of my favorite designs and it's for charity!!! Moms always listen with their heartsIn fact, there are two charity shirts ~ the other is for breast cancer and is amazing! Mary Beth has also offered to design one for Down syndrome!!! I can't wait to see it (no pressure MB!).

Mary Beth and I went to high school together and we have much more in common today than we would have ever expected ~ children with special needs. Her blog is on my side bar ~ The Goodwin Family ~ if you'd like to read about her children and her designs. I'm definitely buying a few of these shirts for myself and I happen to know a few awesome moms that just happen to be on my Christmas list.

On another note, she is also the designer behind our new Capital Region Buddy Walk logo!! She volunteered her time and skills and I am so appreciative! It's awesome!!! A working mother of two children with special needs, a full-time designer for a national department store and business owner ~ can you believe she made time for us! Thanks MB!!!


datri said...

Oh wow, I just love that Buddy Walk logo! Your friend is certainly talented!

Maybe we'll come up for the Buddy Walk if it doesn't conflict with ours.

Lianna said...

Wow! Mary Beth is very talented! I love the BW logo!!! And I look forward to the t-shirt design for moms of children with Ds! Yay!