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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out & About

Egg salad face!
I'm sure this will become a common blog title ~ I have every intention of doing lots of fun stuff this summer! I almost feel like a kid again too!! I've not had a summer off since college and can't wait!! My on-campus classes end today and as much as I love my students and teaching I'm excited to have some time off!

Saturday, we attended an event in honor of a little girl battling cancer ~ it's was a 5K run/walk in Saratoga State Park. If you'd like to read about her go here Teagan's Run.
We also headed over to the Crossings this week for some swing time! We're working on it. Nathan is still scared but he had fun in the grass and meeting a few new friends.

Yesterday we hit a nearby beach! Nathan kept trying to eat sand and my sister and I took turns making sure he didn't get too much in his mouth! YUK!!

He also kept crab walking on the beach ~ it was so funny. At one point he went straight into the water! I couldn't believe it. Brave boy.

Aunt Kathy did this to my hair!!!


Mairead Elizabeth Hickok said...

Looks like you are already making the most of summer! We are still waiting for a sunny day here- but I have seen a few rays today! Love the pictures-- glad you are having summer fun already!

datri said...

What fun! I just love outings!

I have one week to get out and about with both of my kids before Kayla has to go back to school. Sigh. At least the rain is done (I hope!!). Need great weather next week!

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

What great pictures Kandi! I just LOVE the one with Nathan's hair done like a punk! He he... he is truely a cutie pie! What lovely weather you are having, we are freeeeezzzzinngggg! And all Keaton wants to do is go outside! Poor fella! Im so proud to call you my blog friend - my nephew had cancer at 8 months so I know what a long hard road it can be! Great that Nathan and you supported Teagan and her family! God bless! Megan and Keaton