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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Friday & Some Therapy Changes

Even though the weather hasn't been all that summery here in New York, we've been making the best of it! This week Nathan hung out with his cousin Lily (he was teaching her how to speed crawl!), we spent some time with the Passino Family at their pool, went shopping for 2010 summer clothes(we've got lots more to buy and the sales are spectacular!), ran a ton of Buddy Walk errands (October 4th is the date ~ mark your calendars), Nathan got a hair cut and we had a visit from Anthony and Aunt Sandy (and we're off to have some more fun today)!! We've had some therapy changes as well. His therapists are now playing with Nathan in standing ~ taking him out of his comfort zone. He's so stable in sitting that it's no longer a challenge ~ not any more! He's also doing very well using his utensils and scooping his food! Recently, Nathan's occupational therapist came during lunch time and she made a very important observation ~ even though I'm making him hold onto the spoon and scoop ~ I've been initiating the movement to his mouth! She would just give him a little support and let him do everything and he was NOT happy about it! He literally through a fit! I really had no idea that I was initiating the movement of the spoon to the mouth. Well, I know now and we've been working on it and he's doing really well. It's funny how much we enable our children and just don't know it. I certainly wasn't doing Nathan any favors by being so helpful (whether I knew it or not).

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datri said...

Oh, we might be able to make your Buddy Walk. Ours is the following week.

We haven't bothered to open our pool this year. Too cold! We have tadpoles living in it at the moment!